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Couples Counseling

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Find Peace and Healing with Our Couple’s Counseling in Colorado Springs

Pneuma Counseling Couple’s Therapy in Colorado Springs

Are you struggling in your relationship and feeling disconnected and discouraged? Our therapists want to help you find your way back to love. Make an appointment with one  of our therapists who will help you both understand your issues, help you to communicate your needs, and find connection.

Find Peace and Healing with our Couple’s Therapy in Colorado Springs

Having a meaningful connection is necessary for survival. When your most important relationship is hurting, everything else is affected. Make an appointment with one of the couples counselors to help you both find intimacy and connection.

Are you looking to heal with your spouse?

Our therapists will help you identify and communicate your unmet relational needs in a way your partner can hear.  Once a couple identifies their negative patterns and learns to communicate in a deeper and more vulnerable way, new cycles of bonding occur and negative cycles are replaced.  These positive cycles then become self-reinforcing and create permanent change.

Are you looking to connect with your significant other in a deeper way?

One of the most common issues we see couples coming into counseling for is communication.  Oftentimes, couples get into a negative cycle of communication that destroys intimacy and the ability to connect. At Pneuma, one area we focus on is deepening the bond between couples and getting them out of their negative cycles. 

Our Pneuma Counselings services proudly Serve the Colorado Springs area

Pneuma is located on the northside of the Springs area, but we can also provide couples counseling using telehealth. Whatever the setting, Pneuma is here to serve those couples who want change and find connection.



Pneuma Counseling offers Couples Counseling in Colorado Springs
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