Christian Counseling Services in Colorado Springs

Christian Counseling

Pneuma understands the importance of faith and the role it plays in your healing

Pneuma Christian Faith-Based Counseling in Colorado Springs
Christian Counseling

Many people wonder what it means to have Christian Counseling. Christian counseling on a very basic level is receiving counseling where you are seen as being made in the image of God. It is not something you have, but something you are. As CS Lewis once said, “You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”  Because of this identity, you are valuable and deserve respect, acceptance and compassion. No matter what background you come from, no matter your religion, gender, race, culture, orientation, socioeconomic status because of the image you bear, you are to be treated with value and dignity.

If you desire to have your faith integrated into therapy and want to work with someone who may share a similar faith to support you in your healing journey, please let us know and we will find the right fit for you.

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